GPS Utility 5.29

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Manage and manipulate GPS maps, create and plan routes, etc.

Do you like going to new places? Do you have the traveller's spirit and don't get lost anywhere? Then that's probably because you use a GPS.

Nowadays a GPS (Global Positioning System) is an essential tool to move about unknown areas and have maps, data and information the traveller needs handy.

And to manage your GPS, there's nothing better than this GPS Utility. As you will have no doubt already guessed, GPS Utility is a tool for mapping and manipulating GPS maps with which you can easily create routes and maps of all types for your journeys. According to the authors, you can edit, sort, filter your GPS data, for example select all the waypoints within a particular distance from a route. There is also easy editing of your GPS data, reverse routes etc. Then you can save your data in ASCII text files for easy editing with a text editor.

If you like travelling and have everything planned, then you need GPS Utility. GPS Utility also helps you to exchange data between your GPS (Garmin or Magellan) and the PC. This program is very easy to download, install and then use, through its friendly and intuitive user interface. You don't need any technical experience at all to get the most out of it.

So there you have it. If you want to make sure you never get lost again, then you need a program like this GPS Utility. And best of all is that you can download it for free! What are you waiting for?


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